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COMTEK /VMS Extends HP Systems Insight Manager's View of OpenVMS Systems

COMTEK /VMS for OpenVMS is now integrated with HP Insight Manager, formerly known as HP Insight Manager or CIM. HP Systems Insight Manager is a simple yet powerful web based management tool, freely available from HP. This integration increases your ability to monitor your OpenVMS systems remotely and is compatible with VAX, Alpha or Itanium running VMS v5.5-2 or later.

Once you've loaded the COMTEK /VMS integration kit into Insight Manager, traps from COMTEK /VMS for OpenVMS will appear in the Insight Manager Event Browser and you will be able to drill down on a trap to learn the details of the event. Then, configure HP Systems Insight Manager to email you or page you when an important event occurs.

With more than 50 different kinds of trap messages, COMTEK /VMS will help you keep track of your VMS systems. COMTEK /VMS will tell you when the CPU is too busy, when a disk is too full, when there are too many processes in MWAIT state, when a critical queue is stopped, and many other events that could keep your system from operating as you expect.

The COMTEK /VMS for OpenVMS Insight Manager integration tools are part of the product download package.


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Uncleared Event

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Trap Details

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MIB Registration