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SNMP Monitor Utility Subagent for VMS

NM*VmsMon is an SNMP Subagent that makes accessible via SNMP data that is provided by the OpenVMS MONITOR Utility.

Cluster CPU Busy · Free List Size · Total Locks · New Lock Requests (Local, Incoming, Outgoing) ·   Lock Conversion Requests (Local, Incoming, Outgoing) · Unlock Requests (Local, Incoming, Outgoing)
DECnet Arriving Local Packets · Departing Local Packets · Arriving Transit Packets · Transit Packets Lost · Receiver Buffer Failures
Distributed Lock Manager New Locks Requests (Local, Incoming, Outgoing) · Lock Conversion Requests (Local, Incoming, Outgoing) · Unlock Requests (Local, Incoming, Outgoing) · Blocking ASTs (Local, Incoming, Outgoing) · Directory Functions (Incoming, Outgoing) · Deadlock Message Rate
FCP FCP Calls· Disk Allocations · New Files · Read I/Os · Write I/Os · Volume Lock Waits · File System CPU Usage · FCP Page Faults · Window Turns · File Name Look-up Count · Files Opened · Erase I/O Operations
File System Cache Directory FCB Cache Hits/Attempts · Directory Data Cache Hits/Attempts · File Header Cache Hits/Attempts · File ID Cache Hits/Attempts · Extent Cache Hits/Attempts · Quota Cache Hits/Attempts · Storage Bitmap Cache Hits/Attempts
I/O Direct I/Os · Buffered I/Os · Mailbox Writes · Split Transfers · Logical Name Translations · Files Opened · Page Faults · Page Reads · Page Read I/Os · Page Writes · Page Write I/Os · Inswaps · Free Page Count · Modified Page Count
Lock Manager New Lock Requests · Converted Lock Requests · Unlock Requests · Blocking ASTs · Lock Request Waits · Lock Requests Not Queued · Deadlock Searches · Deadlocks Found · Current Locks · Current Resources
CPU Modes Following Data for Each CPUs and Composite for All CPUs: CPU Id · Ticks in Interrupt Mode · Ticks in Multiprocessor Synch Mode · Ticks in Kernel Mode · Ticks in Executive Mode · Ticks in Supervisor Mode · Ticks in User Mode · Ticks in Compatibility Mode · Ticks Idle
MSCP Server Requests · Reads · Writes · Fragments · Splits · Buffer Waits · 1 Block I/Os · 2-3 Block I/Os · 4-7 Block I/Os · 8-15 Block I/Os · 16-31 Block I/Os · 32-63 Block I/Os · 64+ Block I/Os
Page Page Faults · Reads · Read I/Os · Writes · Write I/Os · Free Page List Faults · Modified Page List Faults · Demand Zero Faults · Global Valid Faults · Write-in-Progress Faults · System Faults · Free Page Count · Modified Page Count
States Count of Process in Each of the Following States: Collided Page Wait, Miscellaneous Resource Wait, Common Event Flag Wait, Page Fault Wait, Local Event Flag Inswapped · Local Event Flag Outswapped · Hibernate Inswapped ·   Hibernate Outswapped · Suspended Inswapped ·  Suspended Outswapped · Free Page Wait · Compute Inswapped · Compute Outswapped · Current
System CPU Busy · Other States · Process Count · Page Faults · Read I/Os · Free Page Count · Modified Page Count · Direct I/Os · Buffered I/Os

Data organization matches MONITOR Utility displays
Little system overhead
Collects data reported by MONITOR without running MONITOR Utility
May be configured to run on a port other than 161 so it won't interfere with another SNMP Agent
Compatible with TCP/IP Services, UCX, MultiNet, TCPware, and Pathways

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