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NMServer SNMP System Management Subagent for VMS

NM*SysMgr monitors OpenVMS-specific performance and resource utilization data including what processes are running, disk utilization, system errors, and CPU load statistics and reports this information to SNMP Managers when polled.

Traps notify you of system problems
User-controlled trap thresholds
Built-in trap throttle to prevent traps from flooding the network
May be configured to run on a port other than 161 so it won't interfere with another SNMP Agent
Compatible with TCP/IP Services, UCX, MultiNet, TCPware, and Pathways

The NM*SysMgr component of NMServer lets you tailor monitoring to your needs.  Tell NMServer which processes and jobs are critical for your operation and it will notify you of process and job failures.  Tell NMServer to watch the status of important queues and it will notify you if a problem occurs.  Tell NMServer which disks have special threshold requirements and it will notify you when the disk is too busy or too full.

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